Whether you have an existing business or plan to start a new one, we can provide the advice and documents you need.

Starting a new business.

Often we have the pleasure of working with young (and not so young) men and women who have an idea or a plan, and it is time for them to put the idea or plan in motion. An accountant has referred them to us or they were referred by an existing client. They know they need a framework, an entity, through which their business will be conducted. Typically they have heard about corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs). Most have questions about limiting liability, minimizing unnecessary taxes and about managing their company. We can answer those questions and provide the necessary counseling. These days, with online forms and Internet shopping, the basic formation of the entity is the easiest part of the process. Unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs stop there. That is often a big mistake. Care should be given to selection of the correct entity, the way that it is taxed and the agreement by which it is to be governed. In a single member LLC or a sole shareholder corporation, the governing document is less important, but it an argeement is absolutely essential to any company with more that one member, partner or shareholder.

Managing an existing company.
Businesses grow. Businesses need to downsize. Key employees need to be hired or terminated. Owners need to plan for succession resulting from retirement or death. Businesses need to be sold or purchased. We can provide a variety of services to meet these needs, including these:

  • Operational or transactional documents. We can create or revise operating documents, employment agreements, termination agreements, buy/sell agreements, purchase and sale agreements, etc. 

  • Succession Planning. We work with owners wanting to retire or leave the company. We can assist in that transition with the proper documentation and advice. Often succession planning includes review of the estate plan to make sure that it is consistent with the business plan; or to make sure that the successor or survivor can either remain with or operate the company - or have his or her interest purchased for the appropriate amount of money. Often the business itself needs representation to make sure that it can operate without unnecessary interference from the successor or survivor. 
  • To assist with these matters, we invite the participation of your accountant and financial planner.