Mediation Services

In  Florida, nearly all cases must be mediated prior to going to trial.  Some cases must be mediated more than once. In nearly every case, the parties and their lawyers may choose the mediator.   

There are many mediators Florida and in Palm Beach County.  Many are very qualified by training, experience and demeanor; others less so. Some mediators have extensive legal experience from many years of practicing law.  Many have little or no legal experience. You want a mediator with extensive legal knowledge as well as one with extensive mediation experience.

As a mediator, Andrew Helgesen has resolved legal disputes since 1990, when he began his mediation practice and when mediation was in Florida was in its infancy. He has mediated approximately 2000 matters. His practice started at the request of other lawyers who requested his services to help them and their clients settle legal disputes. He continues to mediate civil and family law cases primarily with parties represented by qualified lawyers. On occassion, Andrew Helgesen will mediate with unrepresented participants in appropriate circumstances.